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Warrented Arrest via FlickrHarmless pot plant In California, weed cures all. From back pain to panic attacks, epileptic seizures to ingrown hairs, just about any symptom (and $200) merits a doctor's note allowing you to smoke medical dank without the threat of incarceration. But we live in Miami,mens fitflops uk,a city where bricks of yay and pounds of purp litter the evidence room of nearly every police station.

If he called for a special election, he would alienate democrats. So this circumstance was a rock and a hard place for Christie. Booker is going to hit a rough road down the line, regardless of where his path in politics take him, because not only has he painted a facade which he projects to the world,fitflops canada, he's left an awful lot out, AND he's in a can'tmiss the indictment job as mayor of Newark, NJ..

Even now, though, in my mid20s, I find that Christmas Eve is the longest day of the year. With so many friends and others continuing their holiday traditions, there are no peers to hang out with,fitflops sandals sale, no one to pass the time with. In some ways, Christmas always seemed long because we'd find ourselves awaiting Dec.

There's actually a chance that New Jerseyans will vote to legalize gay marriage. As Christie no doubt knows, a new poll shows that 54% of Jerseyites now support gay marriage, while only 40% oppose it. In fact, Christie's "popular vote" strategy may be a cunning plan to keep liberal New Jerseyans happy by allowing gay marriage to be legalized, while appearing to oppose it himself..

Christie's financial supporters had been waiting for him to decide before backing a different candidate. The New Jersey governor's endorsement will send much of that cash to Romney. Romney also stands to benefit from the budgetcutting Christie's ties to the tea party, a group of voters that Romney has struggled to win over..

An email message left Thursday for the mayor's top aide was not immediately returned.The Democrat's first two years in office have been marked by repeated accusations of reckless spending, cronyism and mismanagement.Questions have also lingered about how Mack financed his 2010 campaign at a time of personal financial problems. His home and other properties have faced foreclosure, and last month the city reported that he, his brother and Giorgianni all were late making property tax payments.Mack had a disastrous record of filling top jobs at City Hall, which led to an agreement last year with the state that allows him to hire department heads only from a stateapproved pool of applicants or risk losing $6 million in state aid.In his first year,fitflops cheapest,one of a string of business administrators resigned just ahead of pleading guilty to embezzlement on another job. His housing director quit after it was learned he had a theft conviction.